February in a Great Stream of Yearning (7)

Korean Compatriots in Japan Meaningfully Celebrate the Most Auspicious National Day of the Shining Star

Officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and its central organizations presented a floral basket before the portrait of beaming image of Chairman Kim Jong Il and paid homage to him praying for his immortality on February 15.

On this day the Central Conference of Korean Residents in Japan in celebration of the 81st birth anniversary of the great leader Generalissimo Kim Jong Il was held in the Central Meeting Hall of Chongryon located at Tokyo, Japan.

Chongryon officials and Korean residents in Japan spoke that they recollected wholeheartedly the immortal feats and labors of the Chairman who devoted all of his precious lifetime for national affairs, burning all his body with a will of loving his country and people and his loving care shown for Chongryon and compatriots in Japan. And they highly praised that the Chairman was the genius and peerless patriot of socialist construction who laid an immortal basis for national prosperity.

They also praised that the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un had been safeguarding the Chongryon, the patriotic heritage of the President and the Chairman, and compatriots in Japan and leading the movement of Korean residents in Japan along the road of victory in the new century.

Meanwhile, on the same day, they watched on video the New Year 2023’s performance given by school children in Japan “The Love of the Fatherland Is Warming Our Hearts.”

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