General Kim Il Sung of Undying Fame, Savior of National Liberation (1) Arms for Arms

The anti-Japanese armed struggle in Korea was the hard-fought guerrilla warfare against the most atrocious imperialist formidable enemy never known in history.

A staff conference of the Party and Young Communist League was held under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung at Mingyuegou, Yanji County on December 16, Juche 20(1931).

At the meeting the President defined guerrilla warfare as the best form of armed struggle and put an end to the then preconceived view by which the guerilla warfare could be conducted only by the support of a state or its regular army.

It was the people who the President believed when the basis for waging the guerilla warfare was poorly provided.

Saying that the people were the state, rear base and regular army, the President heralded that the guerilla warfare they were going to wage was just like the war of people.

Therefore the anti-Japanese war aimed at destroying the Japanese imperialists was declared under the slogan of “Arms for Arms, Revolutionary Violence for Counter-Revolutionary Violence!”

The idea of giving priority to arms the President held up at the beginning of Korean revolution has been wholly validated in all ages of revolution.

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