Word Not to Be Omitted

In April Juche 101 (2012) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave on-site guidance to the Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground under construction on the banks of the Taedong River in the capital city of Pyongyang.

After looking round the construction site of a dolphinarium, he made his way to the construction site of an alpha mare and an amusement park.

He entered the changing room of a wading pool, with his clothes soaked with sweat in a sultry weather. He told officials that chairs should be installed there to help people easily wear socks, and personally designed a double bench with coat hangers on his pocketbook.

It is necessary to install a sightseeing coach or a switchback railway in the pleasure ground so as to offer convenience to the visitors, he said. While looking round the Rungnado Restaurant, he was buried in thinking about providing something more to the people over and over again.

Being told that the open space under the Rungna Bridge is designed as a parking lot, he pointed out that some of the space should be allotted to building a diving tower and a water tank, and went on: It is advisable to separate the wading pool area from the road and lay out a beach volleyball court and basketball and volleyball courts covered with rubber sheets in its inner parts, and build three changing rooms.

Feasting his eyes on the spacious construction site with clouds of dust rising ceaselessly, he suggested an idea of naming the district of Rungna Island. He stressed that the word “people” should not be omitted in naming the pleasure ground.

This is story about how the “Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground” was named.

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