The Way He Went Round for Three Years

In early spring, Juche 59(1970) President Kim Il Sung left Pyongyang for Onchon for his field guidance.

When his car made a curve to Ryonggang, the President let his driver turn it to Nampho saying that he did not want to pass Okto-ri.

In Okto-ri, Ryonggang County, there was a hero Rim Gun Sang who the President called a “real farmer” and treated as his revolutionary comrade and close friend for nearly twenty years.

Whenever the President passed Okto-ri, the hero used to exactly come in haste and make a bow to him. Each time the President was glad to see him and didn’t know how time passed frankly talking to him over farming.

The President showed a great interest in his health when he was told the hero got an incurable illness. Wiping his tears with his handkerchief in painful memory of him who didn’t receive his love to the full, the President said in a hoarse voice that he didn’t want to pass Okto-ri without his comrade Rim Gun Sang.

For three years since then, he made a detour to Nampho whenever he went to Onchon.

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