Our Criterion

One day in June Juche 101 (2012), General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea visited Rungna Dolphinarium nearing completion.

An accompanying official told him that creators were making a seagull sculpture to be put on a rock as if a real gull sat on the rock.

Then, the General Secretary was so pleased to say that it would be wonderful indeed when they did so. After looking at the stage for a while, he asked an official if it conformed with the international standard. The official, who was inwardly proud of it as it was faultless in comparison with that in foreign dolphinariums, reported him that it met with the international standard.

But Kim Jong Un raised objection to his answer and went on: They painted the stage floor with blue like those in other countries. As its backdrop depicts a seashore, the colour of sand will match the floor better if it is painted with the same colour of sand pushed out by the waves. Even if the stage floor of dolphinariums is painted with blue internationally, there is no legal ground for us to follow suit. We should do everything in the Korean style as suited to the aesthetic sentiments of our people. This is just our criterion.

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