Inho Rock

Inho Rock is a famous place in Sangwon Valley of Mt Myohyang, a renowned mountain in the DPRK.

Its name was derived from a legend. Once upon a time a man, while trying to climb up to the Sangwon Hermitage, was wandering unable to navigate the cliff under the Ryongyon Falls, when a tiger came down and helped him to go up the cliff.

From olden times Inho Rock, a cliff facing the ages-old Sangwon Hermitage, has been famous for its unobstructed view.

There is the neat Inho Pavilion on the rock.

Inho Rock overlooks all the peaks and valleys of Mt Myohyang, as well as Sanju, Ryongyon and Chonsin falls which are known as the big waterfalls in Sanwon Valley and the Sangwon Hermitage nestled in green trees.

Such a scene as three waterfalls can be enjoyed on a rock can hardly be found in any other place.

So the Korean people counted enjoying waterfalls on Inho Rock as one of the eight beautiful sceneries of Mt Myohyang. Now the place is frequented by many tourists.

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