Flower of the Sun in Full Bloom with Blessing of Humanity

Over the past three decades Kimjongilia festivals and exhibitions took place over 160 times in the DPRK and other countries and the flower won special, gold and other top prizes at 16 world horticultural expos and flower exhibitions.

The 12th International Flower Exhibition held in former Czechoslovakia in May 1991 awarded special prize and gold medal to Kimjongilia. Over 400 000 people visited the exhibition to see the immortal flower.

The 99 Kunming World Horticultural Expo in May 1999, the largest ever in the history of world horticultural exhibitions, showcased the position of Kimjongilia in the world.

It drew dozens of countries and international organizations and thousands of varieties of flowers. Kimjongilia was awarded the Grand Prize, top prize of the expo, and diploma there.

And over 1.1 million people visited the Kimjongilia exhibition including heads of party, state and government, members of high-level delegations and honorary guests.

The president of the International Association of Horticultural Producers said Kimjongilia is the most celebrated flower incomparable with any other flowers and the fact that it won the top prize of the expo shows its unrivalled position in the world horticulture.

A Dutch begonia expert said it is natural that the flower named after the great leader has won the top prize at the expo in which many flowers contend with decimal numbers.

The festival of the flower of the Sun which takes place on a large scale decade after decade is a large flower garden in praise of the great man, which represents the aspiration, desire and sincerity of the Korean people and progressive humankind to hold in high esteem and follow the Chairman for ever.

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