Flood-Damaged Area in North Hwanghae Province Inspected

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected the flood-stricken Taechong-ri Area in Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province.

Due to the recent torrential rain and rainstorm which lasted for several consecutive days caused by the seasonal rainy front, a waterway embankment gave way in the Taechong-ri area in Unpha County, leaving more than 730 single-storey houses and over 600 hectares of paddy fields inundated and 179 blocks of dwelling houses destroyed.

Upon receiving a report on the circumstances in the area where many dwelling houses and large areas of arable land were submerged, the Supreme Leader personally went to the spot to learn about the situation and specified the tasks and ways for rehabilitation.

Saying that he felt really relieved to hear that there was no casualty as all the residents of the county were evacuated to the safe area in advance, he stressed the need for the county-level leading organs, including Party and power organs, working people’s organizations and public security organs, to conduct in a responsible manner the work of putting up the residents who were left homeless at offices including those at the Party committee and people’s committee of the county, public buildings and private houses so as to stabilize their living and comfort them.

He ordered the relevant sector to submit a document on supplying every household in the afflicted area with the grain reserves of the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission.

It is of utmost importance to immediately supply bedclothes, daily commodities, medicines and other necessities to the flood-affected residents so as to stabilize their living as early as possible, he noted, entrusting the task entirely to the departments of the Party Central Committee and the families of the officials at its headquarters.

He gave an instruction to organize the flood damage rehabilitation headquarters with leading officials of the relevant departments of the Party Central Committee and the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces, and for the headquarters to correctly calculate the materials and forces needed for the rehabilitation while sizing up the flood damage on the spot before reporting to him.

A central designing force should be sent to draw up a detailed plan for building houses for 800 families in the flood-hit farm village of Unpha County as a model and complete the project at the earliest date possible and on the highest level, he said.

Saying that he decided to mobilize the army for the rehabilitation, too, he ordered the People’s Army to form a necessary force and urgently deploy it and give precedence to the arrangement of wrecked houses, roads and districts together with the local residents in the county.

Stressing the importance of taking measures to supply cement and other materials necessary for the rehabilitation, he gave an instruction to use the strategic reserve supplies of the Chairman of the SAC according to the calculated amount.

He called on the Cabinet, the State Planning Commission, ministries and national agencies to proactively cooperate in the rehabilitation of the flood-afflicted Unpha County with a correct understanding of the Party’s intention.


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