Measures He Took in Person

In August several decades ago, President Kim Il Sung gave field guidance to a farm village in Onchon County.

He dropped into a nursery, checked on several issues and suddenly asked if milk had been supplied to children.

Having heard that milk had not been supplied, the President felt so regretful. After a while, he suddenly inquired the number of draught oxen in the ri and was very much pleased to hear that many cows were there. So, he continued asking about the number of small tractors and the size of arable land.

Thinking it over for a while, he said that small tractors should take the place of draught oxen and the latter be treated as dairy cows.

Then he calculated volume of milk to be supplied to children and per cow milk production and told the officials to send eight “Jonjin” tractors to the farm.

Looking up to the President who was so anxious to supply milk for children, nurses and officials were deeply moved.

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