Mindful of Mother’s Feeling

It was a founding anniversary of the DPRK (September 9) when the whole country was in a festive mood.

That day Chairman Kim Jong Il, who was on an inspection tour of devotion to the country and people, had a talk with an official.

As he remembered that the native town of the official was near there, the Chairman asked him if his family and relatives were living there.

So glad to hear that his mother was there, he asked him why he did not live with her to support her.

He told the Chairman about his mother who had met the President at the polling station in her home village after the Fatherland Liberation War and had been determined ever since to repay the favour shown by the President by doing farming at her native place till the last moment of her life.

The Chairman felt the true hearts of the mothers of the country through her.

He told the official to visit his mother very often, saying to the following effect: Mother is always concerned about her children even if they grow old enough to be grey haired; whenever they find time to visit her, she dissuades them from visiting her as they would be busy, requesting them to work hard instead of caring about her; but she waits for them every moment; mother waits for them all her life; so you`d better go to see your mother.

The official felt a lump in his throat as he listened to the Chairman who was mindful of the feeling of mothers.

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