Cabinet Decision No. 203

On January 20 Juche 41(1952) President Kim Il Sung summoned an official from Ministry of Public Health and taught him that we should enforce free medical care system for patriotic people who waged their devoted struggle for victory in the war.

The official was absent-minded for a while.

He knew too much about its huge cost as he was a public health veteran.

That day, the President told him that we were in difficult conditions, but we should enforce free medical care system in order to protect and improve the people`s lives since there is nothing more precious to us than their lives.

On November 13 Juche 41(1952), ten months later since then, the Cabinet Decision No. 203 “On Enforcing Universal Free Medical Care System” was made public.

Many presses in the world praised highly for the decision as it was promulgated in the DPRK where ceaseless explosions were heard and flames shot up.

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