Saviour of National Restoration, Peerless Patriot

The DPRK celebrated the day of national liberation, overflowing with boundless yearning and reverence for President Kim Il Sung.

A man who liberated the lost country from foreign forces and laid solid foundations for its eternal prosperity must be acclaimed as the national hero and greatest man generation after generation.

President Kim Il Sung was the prominent leader of the 20th century and peerlessly great man.

He rose as the great Sun of Juche in the night sky of Korea during the military rule by Japanese imperialists, the period of tribulation when the dark clouds of national ruin were hanging heavily over country. In his teens he declared a war against brutal Japanese imperialism and led the 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to victory, bringing the spring of national resurrection and joy of national liberation to the country and people. He was the saviour of the Korean nation, prominent leader and peerless patriot.

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