Breakfast at Roadside

One early morning President Kim Il Sung set out on an inspection tour of different fields in Kaesong City.

The cars which were running through thick fog stopped at a place commanding a view of an open slope at the roadside. The President suggested having breakfast there before continuing the journey. The officials were at a loss, thinking how they could have the President have his meal outdoors.

But he said he would serve each of them a meal that day as he got meal boxes prepared the previous night, adding that having the meal there would be good as it would cause no trouble to the people and save time.

All that the officials saw in each box were cold boiled rice and seasoned bean sprouts and roots of broad bellflowers.

Taking such a simple meal outdoors took less than 15 minutes.

The President waited till the last official finished his breakfast and suggested rinsing their mouths with hot water and setting off without delay as they did not have much time.

Such footmarks of selfless devotion of the President, who regarded all pains he took for the people as his joy, are imprinted everywhere in this country such as pathless woods, lanes by reed fields and spurs of hills in islet villages.

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