Working Class Creates New World

President Kim Il Sung visited a chemical factory in Hungnam in February Juche 37 (1948).

He went round carbide workshop, conducted by its chief engineer. After learning about the output, raw materials and repair of equipment, he asked if they could restore the factory destroyed by the Japanese imperialists during flight. The chief engineer answered in the affirmative.

Then, the President stressed in the following vein: It is first of all important to believe in one’s own strength. We should discard dependence on others, believe in and rely on our own strength and tide over difficulties. Only then, can we build the country and carry on the revolution correctly.

He looked at the workers discharging carbide from an electric furnace.

Feasting his eyes on the thrilling scene of cascading carbide, he said: It is very encouraging for me to see the carbide converter workers. Their power is quite great. The working class creates a new world.

Then, he underscored the need once again for the officials to pay close attention to labour safety of workers and provide them with sufficient cultural and recreational conditions.

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