An Old Patriotic Farmer

The 4th National Meeting of Activists in the Agricultural Field took place in December Juche 107 (2018) in Pyongyang.

It was attended by officials and other agricultural workers of high-yielding farms, workteams and sub-workteams in the agricultural field across the country. Among them, an old man in his nearly seventies drew the attention of all the participants. He was Ju Yong Dok from Iram-ri, Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province. This old man was attending the meeting of agricultural workers exemplary throughout the country; what was more surprising was the fact that he was sitting on the platform.

The following is how come he enjoyed such an honour.

One day in mid-August in 2018, General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea, who was on his on-site guidance trip to Yangdok County, suddenly asked his driver to pull up the car on one side of a field. He got off the car and told one of his accompanying officials to bring him a rice stalk in the field at the roadside. After examining the weight and the number of grains, he said that the crops of rice grown in the mountainous area were in good conditions to bring about a radical turn in agricultural production. He then feasted his eyes on the field for a good while in great satisfaction.

Later while learning about the preparations for the 4th National Meeting of Activists in the Agricultural Field, he said as follows, recollecting the day when he had acquainted himself with the crop conditions of paddy rice in Iram-ri: When I was in Yangdok County to acquaint myself with the Sokthang Spa in August, I had my car stopped by a rice field in Iram-ri and learned the state of farming there; an ex-workteam leader of the farm, a subsidiary labour force who was on an old-age pension, was in charge of the field; he donated a large amount of rice to the state by reaping a harvest of 2 400kg of rice in the field this year; therefore, I think he is qualified to attend the meeting.

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