Tracing back to Memories (1)

Field Train`s Whistle

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun has an endless stream of visitors.

They do not lighten their footsteps in front of the field train as it arouses noble feeling like seeing the venerable image of him who is going to see the people sounding a whistle right now.

His field train sounded whistles on the snowbound railroad to Jagang Province, the northern part of the country, when he departed early in the morning to continue his visit to the large-sized chemical industry bases of the east coast and in the 1 000-ri long way of forced march he traveled overnight from the east to the west coast.

His field guidance to South Hamgyong Province in December Juche 100(2011), the last period of his life, is still being cherished in the hearts of the people.

Field train was his office and beloved home.

The Chairman had taken train in 1 647 times and went about 398 000km by train during the whole period of his lifetime.

The whistle from his field train will be forever reverberated as an endless echo to the hearts of the Korean people as Chairman Kim Jong Il is immortal.

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