People’s Strength

One day in Juche 14(1925), teachers and schoolchildren of the Wusong No 1 Primary School went out for a picnic as their mind wandered when mild spring came.

Walking about their picnic ground, the principal abruptly halted as he got the sight of a schoolboy who was conspicuously engraving something on a tree.

He was President Kim Il Sung who had attracted special attention from the teachers and the principal in particular, since he was too much excellent in way of thinking and eagerness to study at his young age.

So, the principal approached him quietly and was quite surprised to see twelve Korean letters engraved on the tree, which was interpreted as “Down with Japanese imperialism, Independence of Korea”.

Looking at the excessively ambitious letters hardly believed to have been engraved by a schoolboy, he asked the President if he really imagined he could defeat Japan.

With a serious look in his face, the President answered that if he would concentrate people`s strength, he could be fully capable of defeating Japanese imperialism.

The principal could not present his argument against him.

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