Work-plan Prepared Again

One day in spring of Juche 37 (1948), President Kim Il Sung reviewed the work-plan to prepare a new school year submitted by an official of educational sector. Having seen it through, he stressed that primary importance should be oriented to laying the basis for complete transition to the universal compulsory primary education system from the 1950s.

The official got too shocked to give his response to the President, as he had already known how tremendous it was to fully enforce the universal compulsory primary education system in the country only three years old since liberated.

The President pointed out that they had to thoroughly examine again the already-made work-plan for enforcement of the compulsory primary education in order to substantially set up a system in which the children of a citizen in any remote places could learn compulsorily and free of charges.

In accordance with the request of the President who took his lofty outlook on rising generations and future, the work-plan was to be prepared again.

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