Meaningful Congratulatory Speech

The 13th World Festival of Youth and Students was held in the DPRK in July 1989, shaking the whole planet.

Attended by representatives of youth and students from more than 180 countries, delegates of over 60 international and regional organizations and honorary guests from 90 countries, the festival was a significant festival that clearly demonstrated the dignity and might of the Juche-oriented youth movement which is playing the pivotal and vanguard role in defending the anti-imperialist character of the world youth movement and achieving its unity.

President Kim Il Sung attended the opening ceremony of the festival and made a meaningful congratulatory speech on July 1 Juche 78(1989).

His speech aroused great enthusiasm among the youth and students from the world.

They said that “the biggest success of the Pyongyang Festival was that the world`s youth and students received the congratulatory speech of President Kim Il Sung,” and “the speech of President Kim Il Sung is an invincible weapon for the youth and students who struggle for the peace of the whole world.”

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