Sound of Drizzle

One night when Chairman Kim Jong Il was absorbed in his work, he came to hear a sound from outside the window.

He opened the window to listen to it a bit closer and beckoned an official to him with a broad smile on his face.

 ‘He heard the sound of rain,’ the official thought, feeling a lump in his throat.

The Chairman said: We realize that Korean language is excellent more keenly at such a time like this. Bosulbosulbosul (drizzling)…The expression gives us both the feelings of seeing and hearing.

Then he said with pleasure: Farmers will be happy. This kind of rain is called a welcome rain. Of course, it was called thus by our ancestors who could not benefit from irrigation water, but the drizzle of May, a drought season, is definitely a sweet and welcome rain.

Continuing that the country would have a good harvest this year, too, he proposed finishing the work in a hurry to go outside and see.

The official was deeply moved.

He reproached himself for failing to hear the sound of the drizzling rain outside and to think that farmers would like it, even though the Chairman opened the window.

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