Gratitude of Egyptian Woman

In mid-November 1994, a staff member of the Egyptian embassy in Pyongyang was in the jaws of death after an accident.

When the doctors and even his mother gave up on him, Chairman Kim Jong Il took every possible measure needed to save his life upon receiving a report about it from relevant officials.

A strong medical team was formed involving over 10 excellent doctors and advanced medical facilities and rare medicines were unsparingly provided to him. After a month at the crossroads of life and death, he finally came to and, after a while, left the hospital in good health.

His mother said that she personally experienced not in an ancient myth but in reality in the DPRK that true love defeats death, expressing her gratitude repeatedly. She continued: His Excellency Kim Jong Il, the great leader of the Korean people, gave boundless paternal love to my son. I don`t know how to repay this great love. His Excellency 
Kim Jong Il is truly a father who embraces all people and takes warm care of them.

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