Kim Chaek in Great Excitement

One early morning in November 1950 President Kim Il Sung assigned Kim Chaek an important task of increasing wartime production and stabilizing the livelihood of the people in the liberated areas in south Korea to meet the requirements of the prevailing situation.

As soon as Kim Chaek was given the task, he left for his destination.

Not long after Kim Chaek got to his destination through a long journey, an official, whom Kim Chaek had met before he left the Supreme Headquarters, entered the room where he was in, his face flushing red.

To Kim Chaek who asked him what made him come there, overwhelmed with surprise, the official said:

The President, who was long reluctant to get himself to work after he saw you off, summoned me. He asked me to come back after seeing you arriving to your destination without fail as you are in poor condition and the road ahead to the destination is rough, hand a flashlight over to me.

I drove with all speed until I found your car approximately an hour later. I chased after you at regular intervals lest you should be aware of it.

Suddenly I was hit by an avalanche and was delayed on the road for hours. So I lost sight of your car. I had to come here to ascertain whether you arrived at the destination safely.

Deeply moved by Kim Il Sung’s ardent love for his revolutionary comrades, Kim Chaek looked up at the sky over the Supreme Headquarters with his eyes brimming with tears of gratitude.

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