Press Release of 8th Congress of WPK

Members and alternate members of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) who were elected at the 8th WPK Congress are as follows:

Members of the WPK Central Committee

Kim Jong Un

Choe Ryong Hae, Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Tok Hun, Kim Jae Ryong, Ri Il Hwan, Choe Hwi, Pak Thae Dok, Kim Yong Chol, Ho Chol Man, Kim Hyong Sik, Pak Myong Sun, Choe Sang Gon, O Il Jong, Kim Yong Su, Sin Ryong Man, Jon Hyon Chol, Jo Yong Won, Ri Hi Yong, Pak Thae Song, Kim Yo Jong, Ri Yong Sik, Kim Song Nam, Hong Sung Mu, Jang Kwang Myong, Choe Tong Myong, Jong Sang Hak, Pak Song Chol, Ri Kyong Chol, An Kum Chol, Hyon Song Wol, Kim Pyong Ho, Jang Ryong Sik, Kim Jo Guk, Pak Kwang Sik, Kim Song Gi, Pak Kwang Ung, Kim Jong Sik, Jo Yong Chol, Kim Se Bok, Pak Jong Nam, Kim Song Chol, Jong In Chol, Jon Thae Su, Pak Yong Min, Ma Jong Son, Thae Hyong Chol, Ko Kil Son, O Tong Il, Yang Sung Ho, O Su Yong, Kim Yong Hwan, Kim Tu Il, Ri Jae Nam, Mun Kyong Dok, Ri Chol Man, Pak Chang Ho, Kang Pong Hun, Kim Chol Sam, Ri Jong Nam, Ri Thae Il, Sin Yong Chol, Jang Yong Rok, Rim Kyong Man, Ri Son Gwon, Jon Hak Chol, Kim Chung Gol, Kang Jong Gwan, Kim Jong Nam, Pak Hun, Ri Song Hak, Song Chun Sop, Ri Chung Gil , Kim Sung Jin, Kim Kyong Jun, Kim Sung Du, Jang Ki Ho, Pak Jong Gun, Jang Chun Song, Kim Song Ryong, Kim Yu Il, Ri Yong Gil, Jong Kyong Thaek, Jang Jong Nam, Kim Kwang Chol, Jang Kwang Bong, Kang Yun Sok, U Sang Chol, Jang Chang Ha, Ri Hong Sop, Kang Kyong Ho, Rim Yong Chol, Sim Hong Bin, Kim Kum Chol, Ju Chol Gyu, Yun Jae Hyok, Pak Mun Ho, Kim Sun Chol, Yu Jin, Kang Hak Chol, Ri Yong Hon, Kim Kwang Nam, Han Yong Il, Kim Chol Ha, Ri Kwang Chol, No Kwang Chol, Jon Il Ho, Ri Kuk Chol, Choe Pyong Wan, Pak Jong Chon, Kim Su Gil, Kim Jong Gwan, Jo Kyong Chol, Pang Tu Sop, Rim Kwang Il, Kwon Thae Yong, Kang Sun Nam, So Hong Chan, Kwon Yong Jin, Ri Tu Song, Pak Yong Il, Kim Myong Sik, Kim Kwang Hyok, Kim Jong Gil, Pak Su Il, Choe Tu Yong, Wi Song Il, Pak Kwang Ju, Ri Thae Sop, Choe Chun Gil, Pak Myong Su, Song Yong Gon, Ri Yong Chol, Kim Yong Bok, Ri Pong Chun, Choe Kwang Il, Song Sok Won, Kwak Chang Sik and Han Sun Chol

Alternate Members of the WPK Central Committee

Kim Tong Il, Ri Song Bong, Ji Myong Jun, Ri Kye Bong, Ri Ryong Nam, Kim Chol Su, Han Ryong Guk, Wang Chang Uk, Ri Tam, Kang Chol Gu, Kim Il Guk, Chae Song Hak, Ri Chol San, Choe Son Hui, Jo Yong Dok, Ri Chan Hwa, Kim Ki Ryong, So Ho Won, Yun Jong Ho, Im Kyong Jae, Ju Yong Il, Pak Hyok Chol, Ri Hyok Gwon, Jang Kyong Il, Jin Kum Song, Kim Chung Song, Choe Kyong Chol, Nam Chol Gwang, Ko Jong Bom, So Jong Jin, Kim Yong Sik, Sim Sung Gon, Kang Kwon Il, Sung Jong Gyu, Pak Chol Min, Jang Chun Sil, Pak In Chol, Han Jong Hyok, Sin Hong Chol, Ri Song Ryol, Choe Hui Thae, Kang Hyong Bong, Kim Yong Chol, Ri Hyong Gun, Pak Man Ho, Ri Song Guk, Sin Chang Il, O Kyong Ryong, Kye Myong Chol, Pak Myong Son, Pak Jong Ho, Kim Yong Nam, Jo Jun Mo, Ri Sung Ho, Choe Myong Su, Sin Myong Son , Kim Jin Yong, Ri Hang Gol, Han Man Hung, Yang Myong Chol , Kim Kwang Bok, Song Sung Chol, O Chun Yong, Ham Se Jin, Kim Hyon Il, Ok Yong Su, Ri Jong Gil, Ri Chang Gil, Choe Song Nam, An Pok Man, Choe Jang Il, Ko Myong Chol, Jang Kyong Chol, Han Myong Su, Kim Son Uk, Choe Sung Ryong, Ro Ik, Jong Yon Hak, Choe Rak Hyon, So Won Gil, Kim Yong Chol, Ham Nam Hyok, Han Song Nam, Kim Kwang Yong, Myong Song Chol, Hong Man Ho, Thae Jin Hyok, Ri Kyong Il, Kim Myong Hyok, Kim Hyong Bom, Kim Yong Gu, Kim Su Nam, Ri Song Do, O Kum Chol, Mun Jong Ung, Choe Kyong Chol, Kang Son, Kim Kwang Uk, Ho Kwang Il, Pak Ji Min, Kim Jong Chol, Ri Min Chol, Min Hui Bok, Ri Kyong Chon, Ko Myong Su, Kim Hak Chol, Kim Ju Sam, Kim Chun Gyo, Kim Yong Ho, Rim Kwang Ung and Kim Pok Nam


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