For the Future (3)

A Little Kid Playing “Doctor”

In July 2012 the national leader Kim Jong Un paid a visit to the Kyongsang Kindergarten. When he entered the overall playroom on the first floor, the children were lost in playing. He said in delight that the playroom was well fixed to meet the children’s fancy. Then he looked in at the hospital playroom where a little girl “doctor” in a white overall with a stethoscope round her neck was examining and treating a kid “patient.” The “doctor” was attended on by a white-clad little “nurse.” Seeing them the leader said that the hospital playroom was fixed up just like a real one and that the children played doctoring quite well. He went up to the little “doctor” and patted her on the cheek and, rolling up his sleeve, asked her to have a look at him. The little “doctor” applied the stethoscope to his arm. Looking at the “doctor” affectionately, the leader smiled brightly.

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