Factory Closely Connected with Leader”s Love for People

The Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory has been renovated under the warm care of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the DPRK.

He visited the factory in February Juche 104(2015) to inspect the layout for reconstruction, and even logo and trademark design of the factory. And he sent many world-renowned cosmetics to it to broaden the horizons of its officials and employees.

The factory has established an integrated manufacturing and management information control system for production control and management activities on a high level and produces skincare and functional, makeup, hair-care and washing cosmetics to meet the public tastes and demands.

With all production processes automated, germ- and dust-free, it has been turned into a model factory of technology-intensive industry and a centre of cosmetics industry, which produces all kinds of cosmetics and their containers and thousands of tons of toilet soaps.

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