Ecological Environment in DPRK in Terms of Valuation Standard of Drinking Water

Available water resources for humans are now decreasing for many reasons including the environmental pollution.

Many countries are now taking their standards of valuating the drinking water lower than the global one.

According to the WHO standard, toxic nitrous acid nitrogen is 3mg, chlorine 250mg, chromium 0.05mg and cyanide 0.07mg per liter of drinking water.

In contrast, in the DPRK standard, toxic nitrous acid nitrogen is never allowed, cyanide should be less than 0.01mg, chlorine less than 200mg and chromium less than 0.05mg per liter of drinking water. Other standards are also regulated as much lower or fewer than the global standards.

This is a concentrated expression of the popular policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the Republic which regard as most precious the lives and safety of the people. It is also a direct reflection of the beautiful nature and terrain and clean ecological environment of the DPRK, the green environment zone.

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