Story of Loving Care in the History of Great War Victory (8) Schools Built During the War Period

On March 31, Juche 40 (1951), an unprecedented careful measure in human as well as in war histories was taken at a Cabinet consultative meeting of the DPRK.

That day at the meeting President Kim Il Sung made a historic conclusion “On Building the Schools for Disabled Soldiers”.

In his conclusion, he gave detailed instructions on all problems arising in the construction and management of schools such as locating them in the less vulnerable areas from air raids and the free supply of school uniforms and things from the state.

Thus on July 1, Juche 40(1951) the then schools for disabled soldiers opened simultaneously in several places of the country in the cheers of all people.

In June the following year, the President visited a school for disabled soldiers and sat with them to understand their learning and lives. And he encouraged them to study hard in the spirit of fighting at the front to be excellent national cadres.

Thanks to his warm loving care, many of disabled soldiers were able to continue studying at the famous universities of the country after the war and actively contribute to prosperity of the country at major factories, enterprises including the disabled soldiers’ factories and other main sectors, while keeping in full bloom the flowers of revolution and patriotism.

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