Lunch Taken with Workers

It was an early August day in Juche 56 (1967).

Chairman Kim Jong Il reached the dam of generating workshop No. 5 at the Jangjingang Power Station after visiting farms in South Hamgyong Province

Some workers rushed there on hearing that he had come.

He shook their muddy hands one by one, and asked a young man his name and what he was doing.

The young man cheerfully said that they were loading stones needed for reinforcing the dam on a tractor by the Hungnim Stream.

After listening to the answer, Kim Jong Il said: You should maintain the dam as a structure of eternal value by repairing and managing it properly. The dam is not only a precious asset that firmly guarantees the power generation of the country but also a legacy to be handed down to posterity.

Time went by, and officials accompanying him asked him to leave.

After looking at his watch, he said that the workers would regret at parting with him after having such a pleasant time together, and proposed having lunch with them. Then, he seated himself on a concrete floor.

The workers sat around him and had lunch with him beside the dam. The foods prepared for lunch were some slices of bread and two side dishes, but the workers enjoyed the lunch as if they were having it with their own parent.

Saying that he was sorry he should have prepared some more, Kim Jong Il told them to enjoy the foods.

After the lunch was over, he said that he had enjoyed a pleasant time with them and asked them to work in good health, before leaving.

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