Blessed Educators

One September day in Juche 102 (2013), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the site of building apartment houses for the lecturers of Kim Il Sung University. At that time, the project was nearing completion.

Entering an apartment, he noticed that there was no mirror on the wall of the hallway. He asked the accompanying officials to fix on the wall near the door an oval mirror attached with a rack to put combs so that the owners could comb their hair and examine their attire before going out.

Looking round the living rooms, he instructed to install a bookshelf on the wall to enable the owners to take out a book on their seat and to fully provide the apartment with necessary conditions for their living.

Several days later, he attended the inaugural ceremony and had a souvenir photo taken with lecturers and researchers who were to move into the new houses, wishing them a civilized and happy life while devoting themselves to education and scientific research.

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