Mirim Aviation Club

This club opened in July Juche 105 (2016), is located in Sadong District, Pyongyang, facing the Mirim Riding Club.

Sprawling nearly 70 000 m², it comprises an outdoor corridor, a three-story tourist service building, two terminals and a runway.

The service building consists of several lounges, cloakrooms, dressing rooms and a souvenir shop.

It is really fantastic to fly 200-300 metres high over Pyongyang aboard microlights Kkulbol (bee), 420 kg in weight, seeing the sights of May Day Stadium, Tower of the Juche Idea, Rungna People’s Recreation Ground, Sci-Tech Complex, Mirae Scientists Street and other scenic attractions.

The flight path can be changed according to passengers’ demand.

The club has become a favourite haunt of local and foreign people. Some foreign tourists buy the aviation suits they wore as a souvenir of their flight tour of Pyongyang.

A charm of flight tour of this club is beautiful girl pilots of about 20, which excites everyone—young and old, men and women—to take a flight.

“I travelled by air with my grandson. First I was afraid that I was too old to take the air. But flying high in the air, I was in high spirits. When I looked down urged by my grandson, I found Pyongyang very beautiful. I feel as if I had become 20 years younger.” said Ri Yong Jae, 81, who lives in Taedonggang District of Pyongyang.

The club also plans to give a training course for those who want to control the planes by themselves.

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