Aspiration Touches Headmaster to Heart

Among those who sincerely assisted the revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung in his early years, there was Li Guanghan, headmaster of Yuwen Middle School in Jilin.

Li Guanghan was a left-wing nationalist from China and he had been a classmate of future Prime Minister Zhou Enlai at secondary school. He was an intellectual of conscience who had largely been subject to the future prime minister`s influence even in his younger days.

The President, who came to Jilin after leaving Hwasong Uisuk School halfway, called on headmaster Li Guanghan at the recommendation of old friends of his late father to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Li.

Toward the end of conversation, the headmaster suddenly asked the President what he was going to do after graduation. 

When the President answered that he would like to devote himself to the cause of winning back his motherland, Li said approvingly that his intention was highly praiseworthy.

Later, when the President was engaged in the youth and student movement and underground activities at the school, he was given assistance on many occasions by Mr. Li.

He readily granted his request that he join the second year without going through the first year.

Even when he learned that the President missed classes frequently on account of his revolutionary work, he ignored the fact and shielded him so that the reactionary teachers bribed by the warlord authorities should not touch him.  When the warlords of consulate police came to arrest him, he informed him of their attempt before he escaped out of the fence.  

The headmaster assisted his revolutionary work with sincerity, fascinated by the lofty revolutionary ideal and intention of the President despite his young age.

That is why man is said to be fascinated by his idea and intention, not by his wealth or looks.

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