Story of a Big Wall Clock

There is a big wall clock that relates to tenderly loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in the wading pool of the Munsu Water Park.

It was a night in September Juche102 (2013).

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited again the Munsu Water Park under construction. Looking about officials who took it in charge, he said that he came out alone silently at dawn in order to see in detail the construction progress in several parts of the Park.

By the way, there was a big wall clock in his car.

When he visited the Munsu Water Park and looked round its several places a few days ago, he said to them that clocks should be hung on the walls to make people know the time, because they would likely be playing in the water without counting the time.

That day he came with a clock in his car to keep his word.

Certainly there has never been a story that the leader of a nation came to see a cultural recreation park for people under construction with a wall clock in his car.

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