Socialist Korea, Genuine Land of Working People

The international community admires at the happy life of the Korean people, who add lustre to their true life as they lead an independent and creative life to their heart`s content under the people-centred socialist system.

The Burmese newspaper The New Age said:
“The DPRK is a country where the working masses` political freedom and rights are fully guaranteed by law and society.

“Ordinary working people take a free part in the state governance including the election of power organs, and everybody has rights to vote and to be voted.

“Thanks to the popular policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea, everybody has stable job and conducts cultural and leisure activities at halls of culture, rest homes and sanatoria built by the state.

“Whenever the country plans to build a factory or workshop, it always thinks before anything else of those who will work there and considers it as an immutable principle to show interest in and solve the problems of living and health of the workers before production. Such a country is the DPRK.”

The Korean Friendship Association posted on its website an article, in which it said that the socialist system of the DPRK provides the working people with equal right to work and all necessary conditions and makes sure that everybody lives happily through worthwhile labour. It added that in the DPRK labour itself is like music and every workplace is filled with the laughter of working people.

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