Unconstrained Confession

One day in June Juche 64 (1975) President Kim Il Sung had an opportunity to look round a wheat field along with the first secretary of the party on his visit to a foreign country.

Looking at the wheat field, the President said that they raised healthy crops and sowed good seeds and asked how many seeds they planted per hectare.

Then, both the first secretary and the provincial party secretary felt embarrassed and introduced the chief engineer of the farm to the President.

The President talked with him about farming and explained in detail of the farming method in the DPRK.

Carefully listening to the President, the first secretary was deeply affected.

The first secretary asked: “When did you master the farming method, Comrade Kim Il Sung? You look like a real farmer. It is so surprising that a head of state has mastered even the farming method.”

Then the President smiled and said that one wouldn’t be a good statesman without knowing the general situation of his country. When he goes to an iron works, he should be a smelter, when he goes out to sea, he should be a fisherman and when to the countryside, he should be a real farmer. Only then, he would conduct the affairs of the state satisfactorily, he added.

The first secretary was so moved that he invited the President to his residence in the evening and talked frankly to the President:

“What I feel most enviable in the DPRK is the unity and cohesion between the leader and the masses of the people. Now, I have come to know again the precise reason why the Korean people are so ardently looking up to and following the Comrade President.

Comrade President is well informed of the farming. I think it is because Comrade President must have done that much effort for the people. ”

It was a true confession he made when he was attracted to the ideology, personality and virtue of the President.

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