DPRK to Emerge Victorious

“The DPRK has an omnipotent political and ideological weapon which is more powerful than nuclear weapons. That is the single-minded unity of the service personnel and people around their leader,” said the head of a delegation of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party.

Thanks to this great unity, he said, the DPRK has won a series of victory as the hostile forces have viciously worked to tighten sanctions and blockade on it.

Nothing can undermine the DPRK’s single-minded unity, he added.

The DPRK will emerge victorious as it vigorously advances toward building a thriving socialist power, he said.

A Russian entrepreneur said “the DPRK’s victorious tradition is being carried on by Kim Jong Un who is energetically leading the country.”

“The world’s progressive people are admiring the DPRK which has manufactured and launched artificial satellites in line with its faith and will and on the basis of its efforts and technology and has become a nuclear power with a reliable nuclear deterrent, against all odds, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un,” he said.

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