Eight Famous Scenes on Mt Paektu

1. Sunrise on Mt Paektu

Sunrise on Mt Paektu is rated as number one out of all the scenic wonders of the mountain. The sun rises over the mountain at dawn, clearing away the darkness and dyeing the whole world red.

Sunrise on the mountain evokes a strong emotion, unfolding a superb sight of mystery, elegance and majesty. It leaves viewers different impressions as it unrolls kaleidoscopic views according to different seasons, weathers and places.


2. Autographic Writing Inscribed on Hyangdo Peak

The first eye-catcher for climbers is the autograph of Chairman Kim Jong Il, “Mt Paektu, sacred mountain of the revolution, Kim Jong Il”, carved at Hyangdo Peak.

The Korean people engraved the letters on the outer slope of the peak in reflection of their pure loyalty and intention to hold him in the highest esteem forever along with the mountain.


3. Majestic Appearance of the Peaks on Mt Paektu

The steep peaks of the mountain, where the Great Paektu Mountains start, reveal myriads of natural wonders. A chain of 216 peaks rise sky high with Janggun, Hyangdo and Haeppal peaks as the principal peaks, which unfold a spectacle as if to demonstrate the might of Juche Korea.


4. Blizzards of Paektu

The blizzards of Paektu form another sight of the eight famous scenes. A gust of wind throws up white snow and raises raging waves with the blue water of Lake Chon to beat rocks and cliffs and rend heaven and earth.

The blizzards blow for more than 230 days a year, and the maximum wind speed is 60 metres per second and the instantaneous speed is 78.6 metres on Janggun Peak.


5. Janggun Peak Commanding a Bird’s-Eye View of the 3 000-ri Land of Korea

Janggun Peak rising 2 750 metres above sea level is the highest peak in Korea.

It looks as if the peak commands an overall view of the Korean territory as far as the South Sea.


6. Thrilling Yet Graceful Scene of Lake Chon

Lake Chon, the source of the long rivers of Amnok, Tuman and Songhua, is surrounded by steep cliffs, and its water reflects myriad shapes of the peaks of Mt Paektu.

Situated at 2 190.15 metres above sea level and covering an area of 9.16 square kilometres, the lake is a natural one that is located at the highest place in the world. It is 384 metres deep at the maximum and 213.3 metres on average, containing over 1.95 billion cubic metres of water.


7. Rhododendron Blooming in Snow

Cold weather lasts for over 200 days a year, so snow and ice remain in deep valleys even in midsummer to present winter scenery. But the full-blooming rhododendrons add beauty to the mountainscape.

The yellow rhododendron of Mt Paektu that is known as cure-all has high pharmacological efficiency.


8. Lake Chon Teeming with Chars

The lake teeming with chars is a rare phenomenon of the world, forming another scene peculiar to Mt Paektu.

On indepth analysis of the quality, temperature and depth of the lake water and feed conditions, an expedition team carried 100 chars from the Mubong area to the lakeside in June 1984. The fish are growing well in the lake.


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