Pyongyang College of Tourism

Pyongyang College of Tourism was founded on February 5, Juche76 (1987).

It was founded as the Tour Guide-Interpreter School at that time. It mainly trained tour guides who mastered foreign languages.

The school was raised to the status of college in April Juche103 (2014) to train specialists of tour management and development as well as tour guides.

Today the college has come to be an important centre for training qualified tour specialists and research.

Now it has diurnal faculties for training tour guides and tour managers and also the faculties for on-line education.

The tour guide faculty trains qualified guide-interpreters speaking foreign languages such as English, Russian and Chinese, and the tour management faculty brings up specialists for management sectors like travel companies and tourist resorts development sectors.

Lecturers are involved in 3-6 month short-term overseas training, and foreign visiting lecturers give linguistic and special lectures on students and teachers of the college.

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