Man Who Values Time Most

Chairman  Kim Jong Il, on his way back home after wrapping up the main schedule of Russia visit, stayed in Khabarovsk, the capital of the Far East Federal District, on August 17 Juche 90(2001).

He was to stay there for only six hours.

But in that short time the Chairman did lots of work instead of relieving his fatigue from a long journey, which filled the local people with admiration.

He laid a wreath at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Slava Square and visited the Veteran Hall to encourage the veterans.

After that he looked round a children’s foodstuff complex and department store to see the variety and prices of goods and got familiar with production enterprises.

And he learned in detail about the tiger, bear and sturgeon in the area of the Amur River, sailing aboard a ship with the leading officials of the territory.

In addition he visited the office of the presidential envoy to the Far East Federal District and a local museum.

Like this, the Chairman spent a hectic time in Khabarovsk without a moment’s rest, making the most of every minute and second.

That is why a Russian personage praised him as the greatest of great men who valued time most in the world, saying that great persons had saved time since olden times.

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