Gruel and Sticks of Toffee

President Kim Il Sung spent his childhood in severe poverty.

Although all his family worked hard, they used to eat gruel of coarsely ground grains. The gruel was made from coarsely ground millet or Indian millet, so needless to say it tasted bad and even pricked throat when it was swallowed.

Once, his younger uncle (Kim Hyong Gwon) had felt so bored to have gruel every day for his meal that he hit a hot bowl of gruel brought by his mother and overturned it.

His grandmother loved her grandson exceptionally, as he never complained of such gruel.  

One day, little village kiddies chattered noisily around a toffee peddler, but the young President did not join them in consideration of his family situation.

Then a voice of his grandmother calling him was heard.

He quickly ran to her, who was standing with an empty rice gourd and some sticks of toffee in her hand.

Though he was young, the President felt that his grandmother had taken out some of precious rice and bartered it for the sweets for him.

The gruel and sticks of toffee showing grinding poverty and exceptional love, had been inscribed on the heart of the young President as an unforgettable memory.

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