Fundamental of Foundations

One August day in Juche 108 (2019), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

While looking round the construction site in retrospect, he said to the officials that in the course of going round the area to learn about the situation, he made a conclusion that it was an appropriate place for hot spring recreation. One can regard even the natural environment to which people usually pay little attention, as the most precious wealth if he or she has a thought and insight to do even one more good things for the sake of people, he added.

Looking around them, he said as follows: Huge funds several times larger than those for updating factories and enterprises are being appropriated to the project. But we should carry out an undertaking for the good of people without fail even if it would take a huge sum of money or it would be beyond our capacity.

He continued to say that making selfless, devoted efforts for people is the trait of the Workers’ Party of Korea which strictly adheres to the people-first principle as the fundamental of foundations, and the basic duty of officials who are the leading personnel of the revolution.

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