Mechanical Pencil Factory Tells Noble Love for Younger Generation

Even the mechanical pencils the Pyongyang Mechanical Pencil Factory have been producing and supplying to the children and students throughout the country are closely associated with the warm love of a peerlessly great man.

With the most ennobling view on the younger generation, Chairman Kim Jong Il initiated the construction of the factory in December Juche 70(1981) and ensured that it was built into the most modern one furnished with all necessary processes and facilities.

The Chairman showed warm affection to the children, saying they should not spare nothing to provide children with good pencils no matter how much money they would cost, and proposed supplying them with mechanical pencils instead of pencils.

The factory is now effecting upswing in the production of a new type of mechanical pencils for schoolchildren with a firm will to translate into practice the noble wishes of the Chairman who loved younger generations and the future.

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