Broken Gramophone

One spring day of a year, Kim Hyong Jik borrowed a gramophone.

All villagers gathered at the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung at Mangyongdae to see the gramophone and were very surprised at it, regarding that a puppy or a little man might make sounds in it.

The President, about five years old, touched its parts as he looked carefully at its speaker and disc with curiosity.

After villagers went back, the President and some of his boyfriends left there.

When his family members came in after a while, they were shocked to see the speaker and small pieces of broken disc scattered on the floor.

Asked by his parents why he broke the gramophone, he answered that he had wanted to see if a man and puppy were inside it.

Then Kim Hyong Jik laughed and explained him in plain language that no man or dog stays inside it, but it is a machine designed to make sounds.

Satisfied with his son`s spirit of inquiry exerting himself to know what a machine is at his young age, his father encouraged him to try boldly if he wanted to know the reason.

His grandmother and aunt who had been full of worries admired the young President for his bold decision and high spirit of inquiry.

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