Earnest Request to Saleswomen at Pharmacies

On May 15 this year, when the state epidemic prevention work was switched over to the highest-level emergency anti-epidemic system in order to cope with the unexpected public health crisis (inroads of COVID-19 into the country), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, visited Mannyon and Jangsaeng pharmacies in the capital city of Pyongyang, just after ending an emergency consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee.

Saleswomen at the pharmacies were frightened to see him coming into their workplace. They earnestly asked him to refrain from stepping into their pharmacies as it was dangerous for him. However, he walked up to their counters and kindly asked what kind of medicines were in the greatest demand of inhabitants.

Upon hearing their answers, he learned in detail about medicine production units, expiry dates, etc.

At that moment, a saleswoman could not have a cough.

When he asked her if she was not afraid of the epidemic, the latter replied no. He then said: As you said you were not afraid of the disease, what do you think is the most appropriate method to treat it? Tell me how you can explain the method to the inhabitants when they ask you if they have fever.

She explained her clinical experience.

After listening to her explanation, he said to the accompanying officials: Her explanation convinces me that we are able to cure the prevailing epidemic. Saleswomen of pharmacies should not engage simply in selling medicines but bring home to inhabitants that there is no need for them to be too much seized with fear of the epidemic.

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