Celebrating Day of Sun

 ‟The Day of the Sun is the most meaningful day in the DPRK. I am happy that I have become a member of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation to mark the day.

“I’ve visited various countries, but the DPRK impressed me most.

“The DPRK will make great progress in the future.”

(Lin Chiasen, general manager of the Taiwan He Hong Technology Co. Ltd)

‟It is an honour for me to be awarded the certificate of donation of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation. Back home, I will take this certificate and have a picture taken with all the Korean students studying at our university, and show and tell my family members and friends about it.

“And I will work hard to give wide publicity to the KKF and render positive assistance to the work of the Foundation.” 

(Head of a delegation of Baikal University of Business Administration in Irkutsk, Russia)

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