Issue for Long Future

It happened one June day decades ago when Chairman Kim Jong Il had a talk with an official.

The official suddenly asked the Chairman without reserve to tell about his view on the youth.

After thinking deeply for a while, he said that he was going to tell not only his opinion and viewpoint on the youth but also the attitude and stand towards them and started his talk.

Looking at the official writing down in his memo in great excitement, the Chairman paused for a while and described the youth issue as a strategic one of the Korean revolution.

He said that there is no future without the youth, their preparedness decides the future of a nation and the destiny of revolution and therefore the youth issue should be solved in a far-sighted way not only as an urgent problem for carrying on today’s revolution and construction but also as a matter that should be held fast for all ages to visualize and plan the future.

Referring to the need to spare nothing for the young people, he said that, in a nutshell, to love and put them forward as much as possible is the most correct attitude and stand towards the youth we should take.

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