Future of Country Visualized on Tree-Planting Day

On March 2 one year, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un planted a tree together with officials on the occasion of Tree-Planting Day.

He appointed a tree planting place that goes well with surrounding scenery and took a shovel before others to dig in the ground.

It was when the officials just tried to put a tree into a hole in haste.

Saying that they should dig a deep hole to plant a tree so that roots could be laid down safely, the Supreme Leader saw to it that a sapling was put there after estimating the depth, width and even the directions of its stretched roots and branches. And then he spread soft soil on it, watered it with care, heaped up earth before treading on it tightly and even put up firm wooden supports. His care was really just like that of a mother taking a good care of child.

When he finished tree planting, he said with firm confidence that the mountains and fields of the country would be covered with green foliage in the near future while talking with the officials about the noble, patriotic desire of Chairman Kim Jong Il reflected on thick forests.

Indeed, that spring day was an unforgettable one when the Supreme Leader designed the future of the country to be thick with green foliage out of immense love for the country.

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