Gifts Reflecting Utmost Sincerity of All People 10

Gold Dagger

The gift was presented to President Kim Il Sung by the Malaysian King in February Juche 80(1991).

The Malaysian people are said to have valued the dagger symbolizing bravery and heroism very much since olden times and presented it to the most respected person as a gift.

The King decided to present a gift to the President who commanded boundless respect from the world people and assigned relevant officials the task of preparing the gold dagger.

Saying that his reverence grew deeper for President Kim Il Sung who established the most advantageous social system in the history of mankind and rendered great assistance to the prosperity of developing countries, the King stressed the need to do the best in the preparation of the gift so as to ensure a perfect awards ceremony.


Glasswork ‘Kimjongilia`

It is a gift presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by Russia`s Orchestra of the 21st Century in April Juche 99(2010).

The gift was made of different colours of glass and metal band.

While conveying the gift, the head of the orchestra who is also its chief conductor said about the significance of the gift:

“The seven Kimjongilias depicted in the glasswork symbolize the Great Bear in the immortal song `Where Are You, Dear General?`. In the past, we used to put this song on the stage with profound reverence and yearning for the Chairman. Therefore before this visit to the DPRK I gave the design of the gift to a mirror production factory in Moscow and saw to it that the best technicians were mobilized to complete the gift with much labour by reflecting the unanimous mind of all the members of the orchestra who ardently yearn for and follow the Chairman. We earnestly request to surely convey this present reflecting all our mind to Chairman Kim Jong Il.”


Ceramic Vase

It was presented to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un by the secretary general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea in April Juche 103(2014).

There are two white herons on the front side and one on the back side of the vase. And it is decorated with patterns on the right and left sides.

The overall background of the vase is tinged with golden colour.

The secretary general represented white herons strongly flapping their wings on the vase in reflection of his respect and admiration for the Supreme Leader who is wisely leading a socialist power building in the van by perfectly carrying on the ideology and cause of the great leaders.

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