For People’s Happiness (3)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.


At the amusement park the General showed concern for the operation of the bakery.

Unlike other restaurants in the park it was a two-storey building that sat on a somewhat high location at the end of the Kaeson Youth Park. The bakery with large windows was easily noticeable.

He gazed at the building and said that the hamburger restaurant looked nice and the soldier-builders had built it in a good fashion. Then he asked an official if people liked hamburger.

Hamburger is world-famous.

Besides the bread, the restaurant serves roast chicken, fried eggs, sausage, potato porridge, green vegetables and tea. They were very popular among the customers.

According to a joint venture contract with a foreign country, the raw materials for the bakery were imported, as well as kitchen utensils and all other fixtures. Despite the huge cost, the General ensured that the foods were served at a very low price.

The official said that the customers liked hamburger very much.

The General said:

“You say the people are pleased that the bakery serves hamburger of fine quality at a cheap price. As they like it, I am happy, too.”

He referred to the need to run the restaurant effectively, underlining that it should ensure high quality and good service.

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