“It Smells Good”

On January 5, Juche 98(2009) when he gave field guidance to the newly built Wonsan Youth Power Station, Chairman Kim Jong Il called at the couple of discharged soldiers who got married and began their new family lives in an electrified house while working at the station.

Familiarizing himself with their living condition satisfactorily, he cast his eyes on masses of soybean malt hung in a line on the wall of the next room.

With a bright smile in his face, the Chairman said that it is seen nowhere but in the farm village and that it has a good smell.

While tapping and stroking the masses, he explained about the healthy advantages of soybean paste peculiar to the wise and civilized Korean people.

As he also mentioned that soybean sauce can be made from soybean malt and he would take a few bottles to taste if they would make it well, the Chairman kindly asked them again to make it well for him to come and take a few.

Having seen the Chairman cherish and find the trivial masses of soybean malt more than satisfactory, officials were deeply impressed as they felt his affection for popular thing, the national thing.

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