Echo of Love

The soya milk workshop, which was modernly built in the Pyongyang Children`s Foodstuff Factory in Juche 81(1992) under the meticulous care of Chairman Kim Jong Il, produced soya milk and soya kefir in large quantities and regularly supplied them to nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

Once, the production of soya milk was seriously hampered by a food shortage in the country.

Even though we have to tighten our belts more, we must not let our children live in gloom, the Chairman said firmly as he got a briefing on that matter, adding nobody has the right to mark down the nutritious foodstuffs supplied to children.

Then he stressed that the slogan of faith “Let us live not merely for today but for tomorrow!” put forward by the Party reflects the idea that we should provide better future to our new generation although we do not enjoy the benefits.

The Chairman saw to it that soya milk was supplied to children uninterrupted even for a single day while he continued on the long and rugged road of Songun with having a nap in the car and eating rice-balls.

When he saw soya milk vans passing the streets in Pyongyang, he was so pleased that he warmly instructed to send the vans carrying soya milk for children, the king of country, first though he had to wait for a while.

Today, the buzzing of soya milk vans resounds like an echo of love telling the noble intention of the Chairman who spared nothing for young generations.

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